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Young Grey:  The "James Bond" of Hip-Hop

Young Grey's stock is on the rise after his hit single "Lucky Walk" spent 5 weeks on the Local Pulse Manchester Weekly chart and peaked in the top 20 in late January of 2022.  He has achieved regular radio play throughout Europe and amassed a significant following in the UK and Italy.  


Young Grey's hit "Splash", a collaboration with Jim Jones, is slated to be featured in the Dipset Documentary coming soon to Netflix.  He has several noteworthy collaborations in his catalogue with chart-topping artists such as 2Milly and Snoop Dogg, and attributes this rise to prominence to having been discovered by Mista Choc - multi-platinum producer of "Ice Ice Baby".  Young Grey is considered by many to be the "James Bond" of hip-hop, a fitting moniker due to his laid back charisma punctuated by vicious, assassinating style.


Some of the most successful recording artists out there are actually the ones who seem to be willing to take chances and bring their musical vision to the next level. If you remain fossilized in your comfort zone, you risk a lack of intuition and innovation in your music - a trap in which so many artists tend to fall. Thankfully, this is most definitely not the case for Young Grey, who is always ready and willing to kick it up a notch and ignite his music with the spark it needs to stand out in the competitive world of today’s music. 


His sound is uniquely diverse for a hip-hop artist and incorporates elements from numerous genres such as pop, dance, and even country music.  Lyrically, each Young Grey bar is full of meaning, showcasing his quick wit and clever approach to songwriting.  Moreover, Young Grey's success comes through true grit and determination as an unsigned, independent artist.  Young Grey is an ambassador for True Legacy Vodka and has plans to release his own line of Delta-8 gummies in the near future.  A native of West Orange, NJ, he currently resides in Nashville, TN.


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